In season 2015 we became 1st champions of region KDTVR Šariš in which compete breeders from OZ Bardejov, OZ Prešov, OZ Michalovce and OZ Košice. In OZ Bardejov we achieved the vice-champion rank, won several races within the OZ as well as whole KDTVR Šariš (8 times 1st prize altogether). This was only our second season of racing, therefore our oldest pigeons were two year old.

In season 2015 our dove 2014 – SK – 02601- 19 placed second in the category Sport G Yearling in the national race and will be promoted on an exhibition. Our pigeons started to achieve great results worldwide and we offer their 100% bloodline siblings.
Our breeding consists of top breeders from Slovakia as well as from elite pigeon breeders from Germany, Belgium and Netherlands.

2015 – OZ Bardejov

2015 – KDTVR Šariš

2015 – Sport G (Ace Yearlings)